Trinity United Methodist Church Durand

Miss Davie's  and Mr Nolan's Bbq Sauce

Part of Trinity United Methodist Church Tradation for generations

Davie Price Mitcham

Robert Nolan Mitcham

Parents of The Founder of Hillside Orchard Farms 

While growing up in the small town of Brooks, Georgia, Miss Davie's family always enjoyed her traditional southern BBQ.  During her lifetime, Miss Davie made many batches of her famous sauce for her family and for the Annual Campground BBQ at Trinity United Methodist Church in Durand Georgia.  Today, The next three generations of the Mitcham family are keeping the tradition alive by offering Miss Davie's BBQ Sauce as a core product at Hillside Orchard Farms. We also invite you to try  "Granddaddy's Sauce "Mr Nolan's BBQ Sauce" And yes, we still supply the sauce for the Annual Church BBQ

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Robert Nolan Mitcham

Robert Nolan Mitcham