Recipe For A Happy Day

 Hillside cannot provide storage for finished Products. Products left for more than 14 days will be billed and a storage fee of 2% per week will be charged unless prior arrangements have been made. Product not picked up or paid for after 30 days can be liquidated at our store without prior arrangements

Take a little dash of cold water,
A little leaven of prayer,
A little bit of sunshine gold
Dissolve in morning air.
Add to your meal some merriment
Add thought for kith and kin,
And then, as a prime ingredient,
A plenty of work thrown in.
Flavor it all with essence of love
And a whiff of play.
Let a wise old Book, and a glance above
Complete the well made day

Our Contract Packaging Service allows companies big and small to market their own individual products. Whether it is a BBQ sauce that has been passed down for generations or a relish that a restaurant or business just came up with or anything in between,

Hillside can make it for you

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NOTE:  Hillside is an Acidfied Processing Plant which includes Jams, Jellies, Pickles, Relish, Ciders, Sauces.

We are a fully licensed and accredited FDA regulated facility.  We make marketing your private recipe both safe and legal We start with a sample of your product and your ingredient statement
and container you want to bottle in.

  1.  We start with a sample of your product and your ingredient statement and container you want to bottle in.
  2.  After checking pH  and with a copy of your recipe (specific ingredient brands
     are required), we  formulate batch recipe and give you a price per case.
  3. Research and Development cost for initial run is $500.00 plus
    product cost.  This does not include labels.
  4. We will assist in label regulations and design,  ingredient statement
    and nutritional statement.
  5. Hillside does not warehouse any contract product.  Marketing is up to you.
  6. For new private product and value added customers, a deposit is required
     before product is made
  7. Minimum Batches apply and are based on the product and the
     process of making the product.