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Rynn Cockrin

It is known by many names Contract Packaging, Co-packing, Private Recipe.  But, one of the Biggest Questions is why choose Hillside Orchard Farms 

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Robert Mitcham Jr

I have grown up in the business i have spent most of my life on the farm where i have been part. I took a little different path I was part of the United States Army signal corps.  During this time I served in operation desert shield and desert storm.  after leaving the army I came back to Hillside and work in the technical parts of the operation Also I have been certified in the better process control school

Kiley Mitcham Houston

Experience is Number One Over 30 years in business

Michael W Huston

The Founder of Hillside Orchard Farms

Robert Mitcham Sr  Has spent his entire life in the areas agriculture. From His years in high school where was the Treasure of the FFA.  He also  ran the canning plant that was open to the public Thru the Vocational Agriculture Department.  After Graduating High school He Attended College at Abraham Baldwin and has a Associate Degree in Agriculture. He Transferred to The University of  Georgia Where you completed a Bachelor of Science from the school of Agriculture. Majoring in Agrimony.  Upon Graduating he worked with Georgia Crop Improvement Assoation Certified Seed Program.  Later on he moved to Tiger Georgia and was the superintent of Inspection for Burlington Industries Rabun Gap Georgia.  Also He Worked As A millwright With Georgia Pacific Durand Plant. During this time He Planted the orchard Which is the orchard Part of hillside orchard farms.  after all this he Came home to the farm in tiger Georgia and used his original degree to become the Vocational Agriculture Teacher At Rabun County High School .  He again ran the local canning plant.   He is certified in the better process school held at Clemson University and in juice HASAP. thru His years of experience he works out food Product Classifications and Process approvals for acid and acifided foods.  Combined he has close to 60 years experience that brings a knolege bace to Hillside Orchard Farms.